Friday, June 13, 2014

He won't hold my hand anymore.

What a week it's been. Something important to remember on each day and wondering if it is possible to do it all without stress. I think we kind of achieved it but there was still the usual scramble out the door in the morning. Archie and I managed a walk around our neighbourhood and noticed the little things which are big to him...

Eighteen art works headed off to the printers to turn into cards and prints.

More fun paintings I have been working on this week...

Diana the Donkey

What? It wasn't me.

Tropical yarn Bomb!

Want to come to my party?

Couldn't resist taking a photo of this sunset at Bill's soccer training.

Our week ended today with the kids competing in the small schools athletic carnival...

 Abby's coming 2nd and airborne!

Bill getting ready - green shorts/black sneakers.

 Ollie in action.

Thought you might like to know that I'm crazy about dough. Play dough, bread dough and pizza dough! So to knock out homemade pizzas with a variety of simple toppings is a joy for me. I find myself relaxing as I'm kneading and rolling out 8 pizza's. At the end of all this relaxing work is a dinner that is guaranteed to please all seven of us. Happiness. Oh and in case you're wondering the eighth pizza goes to the hungriest, usually Laurie.

Lastly I felt a need to capture this moment of my sweet Abby. I have the pleasure of brushing this beautiful mane every morning before school. It usually ends up in a ponytail, sometimes high, sometimes low. Occasionally piggy tales but it is so thick that piggies can be a bit tricky. I wish I was better at braiding. How about you? Do you have fun styling your children's hair? Enjoy it while you can, I hear a voice telling me.

Have a great weekend, I'll be back here again on Monday. Emma x.

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